• 2016 Jobs & Development Conference

    November 2-3 | Washington, D.C.

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The Network on Jobs and Development and the World Bank Jobs Group
held a 2-day conference to discuss the latest policy-relevant research to foster the creation of
multi-sector, multi-disciplinary solutions to jobs challenges around the world.

Sessions Topics Included

  • Patterns in jobs creation affecting economic growth, the distribution of income, and poverty reduction
  • Technological progress influencing structural change and its impact on jobs, wages and arising inequalities
  • Public policies/institutions and/or external shocks behind such structural transformations
  • Interaction between demographic change, structural transformation, and economic growth
  • Factors driving female employment and wage gaps
  • Jobs in the context of fragility
  • Labor regulations, enforcement and its effect on quantity and quality of jobs
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The Network on Jobs and Development is a partnership of five research institutions that is financed by the Development Grant Facility and sponsored by the World Bank Jobs Group.